Monday, March 23, 2009

Season 5 Talent Calculator is up - ArenaJunkies

Hey Guys,

In case you don't go there every day, has their Season 5 talent Calculator up here. The talent calculator isn't 100% accurate so if you're borderline you should try and get a little higher if possible. But it's BY FAR THE BEST tool out there for determining if you're going to qualify for a title.

Let's see what that means for me and my battlegroup:

Bracket~Glad Cutoff~Duel Cutoff~Rival Cutoff~Chall Cutoff~Active TeamsLowest Team
2v242252841294584178417 (49)
3v31486288100728802880 (1053)
5v521448170486486 (1054)

So let's head over to the armor and see what this means for me.

2v2 -1598 - 2,785th place = CHALLENGER
3v3 - 1531 - 1655th place = Fail
5v5 - 1500 - 479th place = Inactive Team

Let's look at the minimum ratings to get Challenger this Season on my battlegroup (assuming the calc was 100% accurate and the season ended today.

2v2 - 1577
3v3 - 1629
5v5 - 1628

2v2 - 1850
3v3 - 1831
5v5 - 1785

2v2 - 2100
3v3 - 2014
5v5 - 1981

2v2 - 2390
3v3 - 2229
5v5 - 2198

So as long as I don't screw up royally I should be able to rock another challenger title in Season 6. I have to say I'd feel a lot better above 1600. I expect we'll be playing regularly so we'll see how it all ends up.

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