Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Arena S7 Week 5 - Double DPS from Hell

Hey folks,

So my arena partner was sick most of last week, we didn't get any games in until Sunday night. We started the week at 1807 and for a while things were going pretty well. We got up to 1829 before suddenly tanking like crazy. Lose, lose, lose 1789 (grr). We ended it at 1801.

As a little side note, minimum requirements to be in my guild are 1800.... I don't think they're hard core enough to drop you if you fall below 1800 later in the season (permanently) but our GM is a little "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of guy.

So what was the comp of the night? Double DPS.. yeah 2 mages, Ret Pally/Rogue, Ferril Druid/Rogue, Mage/Rogue...a lot of Rogue last night. Some we pulled thru, others we didn't.

The damage of double DPS was just awsome. I'm no slouch rocking 850 resilience and my partner is at 952 but against a double DPS team it felt like ZERO.... Sometimes by the time I got out of a polymorph or cyclone my partner was basically dead.

My advise here is to not be afraid to blow your CD's much sooner then usual. Did the rouge sap you and 2 people are on your partner? TRINKET OUT OF IT, don't wait the 6 seconds because he'll be dead by then. Are you getting focused and are at 30% Don't want until 10% to bubble, you might not get a chance between 10% and 0... a good team will know the bubble is coming and kick the spell, counterspell, etc and you're dead.

Now don't blow things to early. If you trinket out of a sap right away and the rouge isn't on your partner he's just going to go back and sap you again. Good timing and situational awareness is key. If you can survive the initial burst of double DPS you're all set because their big attacks are on cooldown and you've got a healer - they don't.

That's all for now, hopefully we'll get some games in for week 6 tonight or tomorrow.