Thursday, March 5, 2009

A little bit on the 37/0/34 build

So my last post talked a little bit about the holy builds I've been using in PvP. One of my readers asked me to link the builds I was talking about in my last article, I'm going to do a little better giving the build and a little in depth summary of how it works and the variants you can use. To keep the post from being to long we're going to handle one build per day....

Probably good I do this anyway as I had a bitch of a time finding one site that talked about Holy PvP builds, mostly I had to glean it from about 10 different sources. So here we go:

37/0/34 - This is a shockadin build, or so they say. Frankly I don't find myself doing a ton of damage with this in arena, sure I do better then a few other builds but it's not comparable to any DPS build or class. What I do get here is better CC plus good mana regen.

The Way it Works - Especially useful in 2's you have your teammate focus a target, you take the other guy and Repentance him, then Hammer of Justice. If he's paying attention he's going to eat the full 7 second repentance stun while your opponent is wailing away at his partner. Then once the stun is up wait for that nice big heal to start up (if he's a healer without good instant heals) and then HOJ it. If the guy trinkets out of repentance, immediately follow up with HOJ and switch targets immediately and assist your partner in burning down the other opponent during the 7 seconds it's 2v1. Use your Holy Shock, judgments any anything else you can to help burn the guy down. Once the other opponent is out of stun you revert back to healing.

Possible variants:
Pure of Heart vs Unyielding Faith - I took pure of heart because I find I'm bad at cleansing of DOTs and Healing at the same time. If I'm feared I can usually trinket/bubble or wait it out and throw an instant Holy Shock to keep my partner alive - but with DOTs I'm just healing thru them and leave them on.... With as little as 2-3 hits needed to kill people these days it's hard to waste a global cooldown on cleanse when you can use it for a big heal.

Holy Power vs Divine Intellect - You'll notice I have 4/5 in Holy power. You can take one point out of Divine Intellect instead if you want. In terms of real world returns I'm not sure it's going to be a make or break point. I Chose to gimp Holy Power because the ret tree already gives me a lot of extra crit % chance.

Deflection vs Improved Judgments - You've got 1 point to play with here, not two so we're talking 1% extra parry chance or 1 second of Judgments. Since you're going to spend 90%+ of your time healing in arena you're not going to do a lot of Judging. Of course a 1% chance to parry isn't going to help you much either, choose what you will

Vengeance vs Improved Ret - Frankly vengeance is a filler talent to get to the good stuff, repentance and JOW. For now I'm leaving it in Vengeance because a lot of the top arena teams with this build did so, but once patch 3.1 hits you'll want to spec into Improved Ret because (according to the patch notes) your auras will work for you even if their not active. So you can leave your concentration aura up but still get all the benefits of Improved Ret aura as long as you've specced into it.

That's it for today, next time we go into the more traditional 49/0/22 build.


Tom said...

Awesome write up! This was above and beyond what I was looking for, thank you for taking the time to write this series!

Tom said...

Glad to help, If I don't write things that are intersting to others why even bother; right :)

Tom said...

Funny how both have the same name those who might be reading this I swear it's 2 different people.

Tom said...

This is true! Otherwise there would be lots of psych evaluation going on at this site too lol