Thursday, March 12, 2009

Arena Season 5 ending in three weeks - April 6th?

Hey guys,

So Last week a blue post mentioned that Arena Season 6 would start at the same time or right after patch 3.1 went live.... That should be no surprise to anyone as arena gear for all but the best gladiators is already inferior to current raid gear.

Today there was a blue post (see it here) that says the Easter holiday "Noblegarden" may be delayed if PTR testing runs long.

Currently Noblegarden is scheduled to start April 12th according to Blizzard's event calendar. The above blue thread makes it pretty clear that Bliz expects patch 3.1 to be in place in time for this event. Since the 12th is on Sunday, the latest Tuesday patch they can do is April 7th.

So if there are no major delays with testing (yes this is a big IF); we can expect patch 3.1 on April 7th at the latest and the beginning of Arena Season 6 at the same time or shortly after.

You heard it here first, 3 weeks or so left....maybe :)

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