Wednesday, March 25, 2009

65% fewer arena teams in S5 vs S4

Hey guys, has a fascinating article that basically shows 65% fewer teams on average this season, with some battlegroups up to 75% fewer teams depending on bracket. It's all layed out very nicely HERE

Frankly I knew it was lower, but I didn't realize that much lower. In my opinion this is clearly due to the inferior gear PvP gives out this season compared to PvE gear for all but the very best PvP players.

Why grind hours of BG's and do countless arena games if you can't make it into the 1600's at least? And even then, in terms of time spent you're probably better off just running 25 man content gear anyway.

While I still actively do PvP, I have to say that I've run more 5,10, and 25 man content during this arena season then my whole WOW life combined.... Hell I'm doing PvP with a PvE spec for the higher burst damage!?!?!

It's nice to see the new content but it leaves less opportunity for PvP and with my current rating I'm gear capped in PvP, so running 25 man content is my only upgrade path at the moment.

Season 6 looks to change that for a while, but I have a funny feeling I'll be running Uldar a lot more then I think.

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Darraxus said...

I have not done a single game this season after doing at least 500-700 matches last season. I just cant get into it. Warriors are gimped and my Druid is not geared enough yet.