Friday, March 20, 2009

Is 0/20/51 the wrong PvP build?

Hey guys,

Think of all the great inventions that were created by accident.... Plastic, Nike Running Shoes, Post-it notes, corn flakes just to name a few.

Well I've been using a different build then the standard 0/20/51 (or 0/18/53)build for PvP. And I got there by accident. I knew I'd be doing some raids/instances and specc'ed 0/10/61 and it's been going very well.

Let's take a look at this.... you drop 20 (or 18) points in to Prot for the 30 second cooldown on HOJ. In previous season this was just a mandatory talent. You needed as much CC as possible and matches went on for 2-3 minutes. HOWEVER the current season is all about the burn. Double DPS teams will attempt to kill one person in a matter of seconds, often successfully.

So what do I loose by going to 0/10/61? Shorter BOF length, CD on HOJ increased to 1 minute and I don't get the 6% damage reduction with RF.

Here's what I gain.... Full 5/5 points in both Fanaticism and Righteous Fury... so all my judgments now have an extra 25% chance to crit AND When A judgment or DS crits a DOT for 40% of the damage shows up.... I also get to put 2 points in to 2h weapon specialization which will increase white damage by 4%.. this should also up my Divine Storm damage since this is based off white damage.

I still get to keep my 2 stuns and as long as we can burn one guy down within 30 seconds or so we're set. He usually starts on the clothie or healer while I repentance the plate or DPS. While keeping an eye on the repentance I do some damage on my partners target, then make sure to drop HOJ as soon as the repentance is up. I don't even wait to see what happens I just swap to my partners target and burn, burn burn.

Using this spec I've been able to hang right around 1600 in 2's and 1500 in 3's.... Something to think about folks.

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