Friday, April 3, 2009

It's not a carry.. we're a TEAM

Ok guys, as you know I joined a PvP Guild a while back. One of the guys in my guild Jeddak is a fury warrior that loves to PvP AND talk smack. I want to start off by saying that he's a nice guy, on my 3's team, I enjoy doing arena and BG's with him and.. I OWN HIM IN DUELS I mean, I really, really, really kick his butt. We've dueled maybe 20 times and my record is 19-1, with my one loss occurring when I decided to duel in my healing gear (keeping the ret spec) and answering a phone call at the same time.

Now normally I would never go humiliating someone online, but good old Jeddak has a habit of Dueling me when we're the only two people of our guild on. THEN the next day when others are on I suddenly see the guild chat flooded with "lol Drunk I OWNED you last night in Duels".... Despite my protests to the contrary with what really happened there's no admission of loss, just more smack talk that he won against me multiple
e times with me taking no wins.

To add insult to injury he convinced one of our PRO
healers to carry him in 2v2. Their team rating is 1976. So now as we're going back and forth he's reminding folks to look at his arena rating. When I tell him he's lucky to get such a great carry he always replies "No... We're a Team" Hey.. if he ACTUALLY won and wasn't getting an arena carry he could smack talk all he wants, all day, all night. But since he's loosing every match it's just a fun lie at best. I'm not offended or angry I'm sure he's joking... But because it happens with our Guild leaders on and we're a PvP guild... I want to set the record straight.

Last night just after 11pm server time Jeddak invites me for more duels...
Knowing he's going to bring it up when I log in tonight with more "lol I owned you like i own my dog" I went ahead and screenshotted our 5 matches... If you click on the pick for full screen, you can clearly see the time stamps and some in game comments.

Match#1 - (Winner Drunkenclod)
Match #2 (Winner Drunkenclod)

Match #3 (Winner Drunkenclod)

Match #4 (Winner Drunkenclod)

Match #5 (Winner Drunkenclod)

And finally - His "It's not a carry... we're a Team" 2v2 team in detail
(notice he's played 21 of 575 games)

Sorry Jed, you brought this on yourself my friend. Consider it the ultimate smack talk, but with proof.
It's a carry - You're NOT a Team :)


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This post amuses me.