Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feeling a little "meh" before patch 3.1

I've had this growing feeling of boredom while waiting for patch 3.1 Let's look at the stuff I do in a given week and why it's getting boring.

- PvP
Ah my true love, like a prison inmate waiting for a conjugal visit I yearn for more arena. The problem is that my teams have stopped playing.. Why? Well my 2v2 SHOULD be OK for a challenger title, and with my current 2's partner pulling 12 hour days at work we don't want to jeopardize it with sloppy play so we're just waiting for the season to end...

Also with arena points being reset at the end of S5 there just isn't anything to play for, so my arena partners are focusing on other things untill S6.

There's always BG's and Wintergrasp.... But I've been honor capped for a couple weeks, and nothing new in WG to buy, I'm basically saving WG marks for the next season and playing more WSG and AB just for the marks - which feels like not the best use of time to sit in a half hour AB for 1 loosing mark and no honor.


Yeah, I've been doing a lot more of that. At some point every week I get in 10/25 man VoA and 10/25 man OS. In fact over the weekend I managed to pick up Gauntlets of the Lost Conqueror which I turned in for Valorious Redemption Gloves for my Holy Set....That's all fine and dandy but running all 4 of these takes up maybe 4 hours in a week, with one of them spent sitting around waiting for the group to form. Then it's a 1 week lockout and I"m forced to move onto...

5-man heroics = (Sigh) it's fine, and pugs are a dime a dozen, but I'm way overgeard for anything to drop for me, pretty much relegating me to buying frozen orbs with the emblems that drop. It's also starting to feel pretty grindy, I mean how many times can a guy run heroic VH and come away exited? That just leaves....

Naxx = That would be fine, it's pretty new content for me and has gear upgrades, but unlike just about every other raid instance this one is relatively hard to find pugs for on my server (relative compared to finding pugs for all the other content) AND most importantly requires a solid 2-4 hour commitment which I don't have a lot of.

Dailies - Nothings more grinding then doing the same quests over and over for more gold... I try to slog thru 3 Holdar dailies minimum per day, plus the WG dailies. Sometimes more. At one point I needed the cash, now I"m sitting at over 5k gold so there's no real pressure. I'm sure with new gear enchants and a 1k Dual Spec fee I'll feel poor soon enough for now though I'm just going thru the motions.

So what's left for me to do? - I'm open to ideas. Frankly I think I may respec to Holy for the last week, not only should it give me a little variety but I'll help me get "into shape" for when I'm asked to heal.... Funny enough this weeks 10 man OS only had 9 people and 1 healer. So for boss fights I swapped to my holy set and off healed along with a shadow priest. It went slow, but no wipes :)


Anonymous said...

I would suggest the last retreat, the final stronghold of the bored player: Alts. I rolled a Priest, thinking it'd be shit - by god, I've never HAD so much fun on an alt, once you get past the first 10 or so levels where you need to drink after every pull you FLY through the levels, hell of a good time.

Barrista said...

I agree with Peregrine. It's not just the fun factor, I think it's just doing something different and you have to play the game differently as a result. I rolled a troll shammy and am having fun.

My other alt is a 78 mage though so for me another issue is making money. I made about 500g just going from 77 to 78.

But for someone who loves PvP, why not roll a low level alt and twink them out with emblems of heroism (BoA gear) and just leave them at 19 for when you are bored like this.

Tom said...

Hmm yeah the alt thing. I have about 5 alts sitting around, ranging from level 15 - 30ish.

I kind of let them be, since it was sooo boring to walk everywhere :). I may dust of some of the level 30+ ones now that the mount requirement is lower.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Alex said...

I was feeling pretty “meh” about a week ago .. So I started grinding for http://www.wowhead.com/?item=13335 and surprisingly it’s really held my interest .. I able to clear the Baron in about 15 min and I’m having fun trying to beat that time.. If the mount actually drops I’ll move onto some other items I’ve always wanted.. At this point I actually hope 3.1 holds off until I get a couple of these…