Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New talent trees up for patch 3.1

Hey folks,

MMO-Champion has the new talent trees up from the PTR.. these are subject to change but I'm linking the new one below.. followed by the current live one so you can compare the difference.
and live

Now when I made the tree I immediately saw some differences; a few which I had to dig deep to figure out, I'm going to list them here.

Blessing of Kings - Full 10% BOK is now a base spell ability. So any of you keeping points in that can now allocate them elsewhere. Oddly enough it's not going to make a huge difference in my Ret Build as I couldn't afford points for it anyway... But it will be nice to give out to folks.

Improved HOJ - This has been reduced to two levels, BUT now only reduces the cooldown of HOJ by 20 seconds, the old one was 30 seconds for 3 points. Frankly, even though we get one more talent point to spend, this will be a nerf to Ret.

Divine Guardian - New icon, also says "damage reduced by 30% up to 300% of paladins total health". The current version doesn't give a maximum.. i don't know if there was a max before or not but I noticed the tool tip change.

Improved Ret Aura - Is now gone, the talent was folded into sanctified retribution, which makes it a great 1 point talent, plus frees up 2 talent points in the Ret Tree!

Fanaticism - Now only stacks 3 times for a maximum of 18% increased crit. Down from 25% for 5 points. Actually not as bad as it sounds for me, as ret PVP build doesn't really allow 5 points in fanaticism, 3-4 is more common. Technically you'll receive an extra 3% crit if you were speccing 3/5 in your current build.

Righteous Vengeance - Same as above, now stacks only 3 times for a total of 30% as opposed to 5 times for 40%. Buff in terms of damage per talent point, and for me as I had zero in RV before.

Overall? Except for loosing 10 seconds on HOJ (which is a huge PvP downer for me). I'm pretty happy with the rest of the stuff. Again, this was mmo-champoin's pull from the game files and is subject to change. But Now I'll be able to gain a 0/17/54 build (or /19/52) and gain a bit of DPS in the process.

Other classes are getting worked around too.. I'm sure their survivability is up, so doubt this will actually help me beat other classes, (did I mention the HOJ nerf :) but it should be a nice DPS increase.


Suicidal Zebra said...

Obviously, we also get to use Exorcism in PvP now. Unfortunately they have removed the spell interrupt effect glyph in favour of a +20% damage one, but still.

I'd expect a new Mana regen talent to pop up next to Righteous Vengeance in order to mitigate against the prospective Spiritual Attunement nerf. Hopefully it'll be of some use in PvP too.

In other PvP news, there is a new Glyph of Hand of Salvation which reduces all damage taken by 20% when cast on yourself, and the change to the Lay on Hands glyph (-5mins cooldown... minor glyph!) may mean that it can be used in the Arena.

Still more to come me thinks. And it wouldn't surprise me if there are some pretty big Arena changes coming soon too.

Tom said...

I saw the glyph change, but it didn't specify major/minor. A minor glyph would be great but I don't think it's good enough to fill a major slot for pvp.. the hand only goes for 10 seconds every 2 minutes

Glyph of lay on hands would reduce the cooldown from 20 minutes to 15; still well out of reach for arena play since everything for arena needs to be on a 5 minute cooldown or less

Yes being able to use exorism is great (I was just looking at the tallent trees in my post). But I'm not sure the glyph will make it in either. 20% extra damage sounds good, but it's on an ability that is only used once every 15 seconds. That's a long cooldown compared to other glyphs like Judgment which gives me an extra 10% damage every 7 seconds or so.

Suicidal Zebra said...

The Glyph of LoH in game right now is a minor glyph, and MMO-Champion are listing the updated glyph as Minor in their 3.1 coverage (via the Talent/Glyph calculator). I think it's safe to say that this will remains as minor.

The cooldown-cutoff for abilities in Arena PvP is actually 15 minutes... for example Fel Domination. The big question is whether spells that have a base cooldown of >15 minutes are usable in the Arena is talents and/or Glyphs reduce the cooldown to less than 15 minutes. Smart money is 'no' but I can always hope.

Tom said...

Realy, 15 minute cooldown? Well that would be an awsome then. I stand corrected.

I've been trying to get a character up on the PTR but the que has been full so far. Nothing like testing to confirm :)