Tuesday, February 10, 2009

/ gquit part 2

So, as you know from my previous post, I quit my guild over the weekend. Specifically to join GOON SQUAD, the predominant alliance PvP guild on the server.

Doing PvP as much as I do I've run across a handful of their members during my time in WoW. Some have helped me with arena, others have done pre-mades with me, etc etc. So I whisper one of them asking if I can join up.... "Sure" I'm told "but only the guild leader can join you, I'll talk to him next time he's on".

Okay, so a day passes and I get a whisper... "I hear you'd like to join Goon Sqad thru xxxx" (name blurred out to protect the innocent lol)

"Yes" I reply and proceed to give him a short history of my pvp experience. I guess I just assumed I'd be let in, my old guild was very relaxed when it came to folks joining and it's not like I was asking to be carried in an arena team just to join the guild.

WELL I WAS WRONG...."Let's get some duels out of the way" says the leader. So I meet him outside the IF (he's a frost mage in mostly Deadly Gladiator Gear). Not a great matchup considering i'm in Savage gear for the most part... but we start the match. It was close, I bubbled at the right time, threw down HOF and instant healed as much as possible. He was dishing some serious damage but I win. I'm thinking "YEAH I ROCK!" but instead I type "CLOSE ONE".

I figure that's showing off my awesomeness enough, NOPE WRONG AGAIN... "Looks like i'll have to use my CD's on you to win, that's good"......WTF? So I barely manage to beat this guy by the skin of my ass popping everything I had and he didn't bother to use any of his large abilities man I'm in trouble.

We duel a couple more times and the closest I get to beating him is him going down to about 30% Most times he just wipes the floor with me as we wern't waiting for CD's to refresh. Once that was done I had to duel another ret pally. I lost, but again was outgeared.

So the guild leader says "I need to see more let's head into a WSG".... Now I don't like running WSG without a premade, but I'm the initiate. So we hop in. I'm not realy sure what he's hoping to see, but I'm not kept guessing long.

We're going to play this with a special set of rules... don't worry about win/loss I want you to get in the top 3 kills at the end of the match. Not just overall kills I'm talking Killing Blows; if alliance suck you just need to be in top 3 for alliance.

Ah, well this is interesting, I don't usually play middle of the field in WSG... normally I assist the flag carrier, dropping HOF, stuns, etc as needed. In fact I've never tried for top kills in WSG.... but this wasn't up for discussion he wanted to see me on the board so it was my job to deliver.

I was nervous, I know my own skillset but I'm not used to having people evaluate me like this. The first few minutes I keep switching to the scoreboard to see where I'm at. After a little bit though I settle down and get to work. Since I knew I was going for top Killing blows I tried my best to be smart about it and time it so my HOJ caused the killing blow.... Problem was there were 4 healers on the team and they liked to stay in a pack. More then once I had to disengage when after 2-3 minutes I realize I was going a ton of damage but two healers combined to out heal me, thus not helping me get those much needed kills.

I pretty much dominated the match top kills, top damage, 2nd healing, and most importantly tied for 1st in Killing Blows. The stats were decisive enough I was given permission to join right after and was able to skip their "trainee" rank and go to regular member.

So there you go, I'm the newest member of GOON SQUAD. We'll see how my new home works out :)


Darraxus said...

Grats and good luck with the new guild.

David said...

I will never play a game where I feel like I am working a second job. That is what your post reminded me of. However, I am not you and if you enjoy this kind of thing in a video game, then I wish you luck.