Friday, February 13, 2009

Crossing over to the LIGHT side?

Hey folks.

I've always thought of Ret as being a pretty "dark" talent for paladins. I mean your whole purpose is cripple an enemy. Sure you CAN heal others but you usually don't; saving your mana for more damage instead. What's an extra 1,600 health when you can throw down a 4.5k Hammer of Wrath instead.... Frankly aside from the names of the spells I find Death Knights and Ret Pallys very similar. We now roll for the same gear, their runic power is our mana, we both have limited healing abilities and DK's even get a sort of a bubble from anti-magic zone

I made the conscious decision to stay in this dark tree in TBC and refused to respec. Frankly I love BRINGING THE PAIN and killing others. However I see the writing on the wall and I'm starting to build up a set of holy gear....yeah i'm moving to the fluffy light side (at least temporarily) and here's why:

1) Dual spec is coming in the next patch. You're going to be picking up a secondary tree anyway if you can take the time to gear up NOW you'll beat the rampant inflation on your server for items.... I expect all titansteel items to rocket up in price with patch 3.1 These are horribly expensive already don't wait untill they rocket up to begining of WOTLK prices.

2) The top 100 arena teams are stuffed full of holy paladin / DPS combo. (Mostly DK, but others are there too). If you want to PvP and you're already RET - Holy is the way to go.

Now don't misunderstand me, RET is my main spec I'm just setting up holy now as my off-spec for arena. I already tried a few games with crafted blue gear and it went about as well in 2's as RET in my current gear. I can only hope that better gear and more experience will enhance my 2's rating.

In the mean time if anyone has links for good holy pvp guides link them up. I'll let you know how things go next week as I plan to run both my 2's and 3's team as holy plus maybe even a VoA.... boy will I be pissed if a piece of ret gear finally drops and I"m sitting in holy spec.


David said...

So whatever happened to your post about your guild tryouts? Did you guild not like it, I assume?

Tom said...

Well it seems that once I joined the guild people pretty much left me alone. There's the occasional call for a premade or a slot for a 5 man or WG.

Seems like everyone is doing their own thing for the most part - which is fine, but weird considering the reciutment process.

Tom said...
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