Friday, February 6, 2009

Huge, Long, complex...but informative blue post for PVP

Hey guys,

Scratching your head and what's going on for arena ratings and gear, wondering why a 10 man NAXX pug is giving out the equivalent of level 2 hateful gear that you can't even get because season 5 arena is just crazy?

Well, here's Kaglan answering a ton of arena questions, including ratings backed up by actual team's win/loss numbers AND hidden rating numbers....Also included is info on Season 6.

Blue link here

I'm going to list out some of the bigger changes coming up; definitely starting at season 6, but some may be happening before.

1) New teams will NOT start at 1500 - rather some lower number and work their way up to 1500

2) Gear rating requirements change, deadly gear including trinkets will all be accessible at 1500's

3) Win loss #'s are completely different then before, don't go trying to make sense out of it, just accept it. The new matching system is very complex and isn't as easily understood as the old one for the common player.

Now this is just my personal theory here, but it APPEARS that for the casual player in Season 6 everyone's numbers will be 100-200 less then in Season 4. Since the new starting value of teams hasn't been given this is just a guess, but as an example in S4 I was sitting pretty around 1550 - 1650. Now It's consistently 1450-1550. I think the farther you travel away from the median the higher your difference will be.... So a team that could barely make 1400 in S4 will probably drop around 1100-1200 in s6... Teams at 2400 in S4 will probably be closer to 2k.

Hope that makes sense... again not confirmed but I'm reading between the lines as it were....just look at the highest rating requirement in S6 - 2100 (for the shoulders) used to be 2200 in S4

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