Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to Blessing of Might

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the new Blessing of Might! I created this blog so I can post things that are of interest to me as a Retribution Paladin in warcraft; I'll also be posting things that I think any Ret Pally will find valuable.

A little Background on me.

I started WOW back in January of 2007 on the Antonidas server. Little did I know it, but on January 7th, for a number of hours, most WoW servers were locked and Antonidas was listed as one of a few both open and 'Recommended'. The server remained 'Recommended' for a number of days afterwards and as such may be behind why Antonidas has a significant ratio of players who were new to WoW when they arrived on the server.

I was one of these noobs and rolled myself a human Paladin. I found the game very exiting and the rest is history! I'm now a level 70 full ret pally that does a ton of PVP. I play a couple hours per day (sometimes more) and don't do many instances/raids because I play in chunks of time to small to devote 5 hours on a Kara run. As such some of my posts will reflect this.

I plan to focus posts on level 70, but if you'd like to see posts for earlier levels then by all means, post a comment and I'd be happy to write about whatever you like!

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