Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I've hit 70...is the game over?

At some point you will (hopefully) level your Pally to 70. The immediate question many folks will have is What Now? / Is this the end?

Yes and no. It's the end of grinding for XP and leveling up. However it's the beginning of "end-game" content. Here's some of the stuff that opens up to you.
- Multiple Dungeons including Kara
- PVP Arena
- Flying Mount / Epic Flying Mount
- Additional Faction rep
- Lvl 70 Epic Armor
- Daily Quests

Eventually you're probably going to find yourself doing mostly PVP or PVE. As a ret pally you may find that you don't get picked for instances/raids very often. This is partially because there's a common misconception that ret pallys aren't very good. Can't heal well enough, can't DPS well enough. That's simply not true. What is true though, is that a Ret Pally is very gear dependent, and decked out in blue's and greens your gear sucks. So priority #1 will be getting better gear.

I'll be posting the best way to get gear tomorrow. In the mean time, make sure you've headed to SW to get your level 70 talents. And pick up your flying mount. If you don't have the money for a flying mount yet, continue doing some quests... While quests no longer give you XP they offer about double the money they did at 69 plus armor and weapons you can sell.


Lachlan said...


Thanks for the posts! I started playing WoW a couple of months ago, I also started with a Paladin (currently level 54).

At the moment I have nearly all of my talents in the retribution tree. I was thinking I might need to change to holy in order to do instances, but after reading your posts maybe I should stick with retrib for a while longer.

I find healing quite boring to be honest, not sure why. I'm quite lucky though in that my guild are fairly relaxed and will let me play any way I want, but they are in need of a healer at the moment so I will probably try holy for a bit at some stage.

Nice blog, look forward to you're future posts!

Tom said...

Thanks for the post lachlan

Level 54-57 were a little boring for me, my best advice to you is to wail on the undead in the eastern plaugelands untill you hit 58. Then head to the outlands first thing. Way better armor and weapons and much quicker leveling from 58-60

At your level, I might suggest the build below.. the key is a full 5 points in spiritual focus, which will allow you go get heals off while getting hit. Great for general PvE

Lachlan said...

Thanks, I might try that build out!