Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The ugly side of Retribution

I wasn't originally planning to write on this topic, but an incident in AV last night brought it on.

Following my own advice I spent my wow time this weekend on Dailies and AV. It was an AV holiday weekend and I wanted to collect as many points as possible. I didn't have a lot of play time, and this weekend wasn't particularly good with an around 45% win rate.... When people start loosing in battlegrounds they get frustrated and it shows in the chat.

So I'm playing AV and we're loosing. A Holy Pally by the name of Lugz starts making some comments about other classes, including Retribution Pally's and how they are "squishy". I typed in a response indicating that was not the case... very polite and I just forgot about it and continue playing.

A few minutes later I look up at the chat logs and notice that Lugz has been talking again and seems to be ripping on someone. Scrolling up a bit I realize it's me!

Drunkenclod is a noob!... What kind of ret pally wears a felsteel helm?.... His AP is only 1420, his hit rating is less then 8%... his 5v5 arena team is 1400!
Whoa! This guy bothered to look me up in the middle of AV? He's been ripping on me for the last 5 min with no signs of stopping? I tried (politely) to defend myself. I should have stopped there but it escalated a bit with me looking up his profile and pointing out a few things about him.

Lugz had 9 kills and around 34,000 heals in the current AV.. I had 54 kills and 35,000 heal! His 2v2 arena team is 1561... Mine is 1574 this week. He also has no season 3 arena armor or weapons.
Obviously this guy wasn't contributing and just mouthing off. Multiple people called him an asshole on the chat and told him to shut up. He also bragged about getting 33k honor this weekend (although looking at his contributions for kills and damage this guy clearly played AV 24/7 but didn't do much besides clogging the chat logs). He did, however do a very good job of pointing out every shortcoming of my gear at the expense of helping out the team.

This brings me to the two reasons for the article:

#1) As a Retribution Pally you probably will have people harassing you at some point simply because of your spec, and now with the ability to check your stats and gear, if you're not up-to-date in epics you may get crap there too. I'm here to tell you not to worry about it. These people are true assholes and you should do your best to put them on your ignore list; or at least don't let it bother you. It takes time to get gear, time to get good. Heck you should feel sorry for people like the guy above. 33k honor in a weekend? Obviously this guy has no life and no friends outside of WOW. Lugz you need to pry one hand of your dick and the other off your keyboard. Then go out in the sun once in a while. Find someone to hang out with in real life!

#2) GEAR UP! - I can't emphasize this enough. The asshole above decided to mentionevery possible weakness he coudl find and almost all of it was related to just 1 piece of gear.... that felsteel helm.
I'm 2 weeks away from my Vengful Gladiators Scaled Helm in fact it's my last item I need as an epic. So i've been using an old feelsteel helm. the difference in stats will bring my AP past 1500 (the minimum you want to be as a ret pally) it will also bring my hit rating above 81 which is the maximum hit rating you need for level 70 PvP.... and lastly it'll replace a blue item with an epic purple.

In case anyone is wondering about my 5v5 rating... that team is made with guild mates in blues and greens that I'm helping out, I don't use the 5v5 for getting points myself, any team with inexperienced players in non-epics will have a low score... but if you're well geared then take some time out to help your fellow players instead of ragging on them.. I sure do!

Thanks for reading my little rant, I hope it was educational as well. Tomorrow I'll get back on topic with a rundown of the most important stats, and minium stats you should be going for as a Ret Pally.

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