Monday, January 28, 2008

Helm enchant? Sort of.

So you've picked up a shiny new vengeful gladiator's scaled helm... or you've got something else on you head. But how can you make it better? There are no enchants for helmets.

That is true; but there's Glyphs. These are items that work like enchantments for your helmet and are available from select vendors that you have a high enough reputation with. The best one I've found is the Glyph of Ferocity. It will add the following to your helm:
  • +34 Attack Power
  • +16 Hit Rating
If you're already past 81 for your hit rating, you could also try Glyph of the Outcast, which provides:
  • +17 Strength
  • + 16 Intellect
There are others out there, but these two are best for a Ret Pally. Click the links for more info and reputation requirements. Tomorrow I'll go over some of the gems that you'll want to use with your gear.


Nick said...

Thank you so much, I finally have good proof that a retribution paladin can be viable in pvp and in raiding. I'm only 68 right now and have finally found some good gear to go for, something that I would like to hear more about is the difference between season 1,2, and 3 sets. Also you might think about posting some thoughts on how ret pallys can tell their guild that they are not going to respec to a healbot or a tankadin.

Again Thank You.

Danah of Cant Quit You on Baelgun

Tom said...

Thanks for the comment Nick.

Sure, look forward to some more info in Arena sets and the pressures of the Guild to respec this month