Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drunkenclod - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

Right here Baby!

Seriously though, I took a break from the blog because all the nefs to Ret have forced me to abandon RET. Yeah I can't belive it either. If you would have asked me this at level 70 I would have looked at you like an insane person.

At 80 though it's a whole new game. At 80 Blizz has provided NO pvp weapon upgrade path in Season 6 for people under 1800 rating. In Season 7 I (recently) get a very slight bump with 5 man TOC drops but it's not enough.....

Ret has always been extremely gear dependant, and your Weapon has been the single biggest improvment you can get. With me rocking a Titansteel Destroyer all of S6 no half serious team wants me as RET, so I switched to holy. This was a bit more forgiving with titansteel weapons as long as the armor was good.

This Season I've got prot/holy (19/52/0) and so far it's been AWSOME. Incredible survivability, excellent CC and most importantly my partner and I are steadily increasing in ratings.

SO.... I can no longer speak to RET as well, but I'm going to chronicle this season week by week, we'll see if I stay protection after the 3.2.2 nerf.. but for now 19/52/0 is where it's at.

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