Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back from a long hiatus - S4 Here

Hey folks,

I havn't written in a long time, partially to other things going on, partially because I was out of advise to give.

But a new season (S4) is here, and with new minium rating requirements there's a new set of challenges for everone, and of course for me.

So, yesterday I picked up my new S2 weapon, S4 Gloves and S4 Belt, met up with my 2's partner and went to town! At the begining of last season we went 3-7. Of course back then our gear was worse and our play style wasn't as finely tunned as it is today.

So how did our first matches go? 9-6 overall. I clearly saw an iprovment in my DPS and a couple times we went up against teams in S3 weapons. We were able to either beat them or hold our own for a while, something we just couldn't do last season.

At one point we got up to 1550, so my partner went off to get his Arena Legs. I saved my points as I"m hoping someone will be "helping" me to 1700.

Dont' get me wrong, our combo of Holy/Ret is still gimped but with us being able to close the gap with S3 weapon/shoulder teams I'm expecting we'll be able to break 1650 at some point this season.

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