Monday, April 28, 2008

What does the new S4 mean for you

Hello again folks,

So the last post listed all of the new rating requirements for Season 4. What that means to you will depend a LOT on how high your arena raking will be. Since this page is for Ret Pally's I'm going to assume your not a Resto Druid with a 2200 rating :)

Right now, if you're anything under 1800 in rankings you can get all of the BG gear and all of the arena Gear except S3 shoulders and weapons.... And looking at the servers most Paladins are well under 1800 so at best you've probably got:
- All of the current BG gear
- Most of the S3 gear
- Season 2 (or 1) shoulders
- Season 1 (or 2) Weapon

In order to get the same level of gear in S4 (i.e all s4 bg gear and most S4 arena) you'll need to have an arena team that reaches 1700

Getting less then 1700 in S4 will cost you the battleground boots, getting less then 1650 will also cost you the ring, and under 1575 you'll also loose the bracers and chestpiece...OUCH

So what's a Pally to do?
If your teams are not able to get to 1700 you will need to find a new team. Or branch out and get new teams in the brackets you're not playing.

I've been struggling with this issue, because I've been playing with the same 2v2 partner since Season 2 and we meet like clockwork every week. The problem is that we struggle around 1600. At one point we may have been above 1650 but never 1700.

I'm going to talk a little more about this next time.

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Rorik said...

I'm in the same boat you are in. I think the easiest way to a decent rating is to find a frost mage or a rogue for 2v2. I'm pretty surprised you were able to get to over 1600 with a holy paladin as a partner. Good job. For me, I was hating the new requirements but now I think it's a good thing. I have more goals to work towards and the S4 gear isn't that big of an upgrade over S3. One bad thing about the rating requirements is that it's probably going to cause a lot of hurt feelings when teams break up because someone wants to find a better partner to get to 1700.