Monday, November 17, 2008

Level 71 and surrounded by assholes?

Morning folks!

So I dinged 71 on Friday night and I'm about 50% of the way to 72. Looking at the /played option it seems I'm about 5 hours away from 72.

But what I really wanted to talk about today was a disturbing trend on my server. The problem is that it seems every asshole on the server has logged in for the expansion and I'm coming across many of them. So far I've had:

  • -Repeat ganking of Ore nodes I'm in the middle of mining OR standing on top of and trying to get rid of some mob so I can mine. In fact, I'd say as long as there is a player in the vicinity this happens - we're talking 70% of the time.
  • Ganking of quest items. For example I needed to free 10 baby mammoths. I'm clearly in the area and someone rides in and takes it - happens all the time

  • Ganking of NPC's that you need to kill AFTER I put out an announcement asking anyone that needs the guy to group up so we don't have to fight for him.

  • Any time a person asks for a quest location or a where is xxx on the general chat, there's 2-3 people telling him to shut up and go get quest helper, etc.

  • Not giving a "ty" when you buff a fellow player and/or not buffing you in return (way more often then in TBC)
I realize everyone is focused on leveling, and places are more crowded then usual but I implore you to be polite to your fellow WOW player, treat others the way you'd like to be treated. I'm sure everyone learned that back in kindergarten but they seem to have forgotten it when getting on WOW.

How about you guys? Are you seeing the same things on your servers, or is it just Antonidas?


Captain The First said...

I decided to sit back and wrap up some quests in outland since they now give XP again. Not as exciting perhaps but I really want to 'enjoy' Northrend rather than queueing up for the named mobs and put up with endless kill-stealing.

So down here in Netherstorm things are looking pretty griever free :P

David said...

Well, I can agree for the most part on how things are going for you, but I am not sure they are all assholes. Alot of the time I think people zone into their own world.

Pretty much anytime I am in an area where kill X of these guys is around or kill this boss, people are all grinding away. I just run around inviting everyone, and before I know it I have a 5 man group going. We all finish quickly and everyone is thankful for the help.

It seems as though people forgot being in a group gets stuff done so much faster. So take the initiave and setup the group yourself.

As for people stealing your ore, a nice trick is to bubble them. It will cancel the ore and they will most likely wait 10 seconds for it to dissipate giving you the jump on the ore.

Tom said...

Wow that IS a nice trick. I'll be using that one! Thanks David!

Darraxus said...

Same thing on my server. People are just A-Holes. If you are waiting for a named mob why not just group up?

Orgauth said...

Repentance... mine... kill. Granted, I don't have the PvP component to deal with anymore, but still have the ore ninjas who would otherwise swoop in while you were dispatching the nuisance mob.

Vndead said...

man i'm telling you, people are going crazy.

Stealing mine node!! WHILE I"M MINING!.. just amazed me how many kids there are. I wish there is a server that will cost an extra 1 dollar/month and with adult CC to play.

Also, I announced this on the channels and a bunch of people jumped at me saying that i was the a$$hole for not sharing.

Wow... just wow...

I can't imagine myself stealing stealing others. If i see someone killing a mob near a mine or quest item, i moved on because i know that person searched very hard just like me for a same item.

Respect others, it's just a game!