Thursday, November 13, 2008

Check out the S5 coundown clock

So I'll be getting my copy of wrath and installing tonight after work. Looks like I'm way behind with Firelight already dinging 71 as I write this (congrats man). BUT as exiting as the expansion is; what I am waiting for is the start of Season 5 !!

So to help motivate myself and every other hard core PvP'er out there I've put a countdown clock at the top of the Blog. If you want to get started on Arena right away you need to ding 80 in 32 days... and counting :)

I'll keep folks updated with my progress; and as we get closer I'll talk about the new BG's, what to do if your arena partner hasn't dinged 80, gear requirements, etc.


Darraxus said...

Im leveling my Warrior first, and I am wondering if I should do Prot or Arms arena at 80. Also, grats on the season 4 weapon man. May your giant fly swatter server you well.

Orgauth said...

32 days. Means one level every ~3 days. 7 bubbles/day. VERY doable for even the casual player. I picked up 3 1/2 on my lunch hour at home.

I'm already seeing where it is imperative to logout in an inn if at all possible. Rested XP time may make a huge difference in leveling times - less so for the habitual catassing poopsocker.

And grats on 71 - I *might* see that tonight.