Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I"m healing for up to 6k

Hey folks.

My character copied to the PvP realm this morning and the BG's we working. Sadly I forgot to head to a trainer beforehand and was missing most of my judgment spells, and I was redoing those toolbars again... but here's my top two observations of the morning, before the server went down (again)

#1) ALL classes are doing more damage, I'm taking crits of 2-3k fire damage all the time, and even DOTs are taking 400-500 off per tick. I'm also doing more damage... but the point is everyone's dying faster

#2) My heals are I N S A N E. My Flash of light seems to be a minimum 1,300k heal, with crits aboce 2k. Holy light is going for over 6k!!! Did I mention I'm a friggin ret pally?!? If heling is going to be like this, putting 5 points into spritual focus will make you almost invincible.

Oh, one last thing... I never ran out of mana in my first BG on the PTR.. hell I never got below 50%

More to come.

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