Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hey folks, I started messing around with glyphs on the PTR, I'm not going to go over the various kinds, other blogs I link to do that nicely.. but I did have to look up some questions, including how to equip glyphs... so I'm pasting a Q&A on them below... taken from a wow forum post.

Q. What are glyphs?
A. Glyphs are similar to enchants however they buff your spells/abilities/talents in widely different ways. Everyone has 3 glyph "slots" open to them. These slots are viewable on a separate tab in your spellbook.

Q. How do I equip glyphs?
A. Just right click on the glyph and select a slot to put it in.

Q. It says I need a Lexicon of Power, what is that?
A. Ask a guard in a major city. The Lexicon is a giant floating book which works like a Mana Loom, just stand near it to equip your glyph. Not all glyphs require a Lexicon.

Q. Are glyphs stackable?
A. No, each glyph is unique.

Q. What happens to glyphs I equip?
A. Equipped glyphs are removed from your inventory. You can have a maximum of 3 equipped glyphs. If you already have 3 equipped glyphs, you can overwrite an equipped glyph the same as an enchant or gem. Overwriting destroys the equipped glyph.

Q. What are minor glyphs?
A. Minor glyphs are not currently implemented as of build 8962. Minor glyphs affect spell effects or ability effects. A prime example is the Penguin glyph for mage's polymorph. REPEAT: Minor glyphs are not currently implemented.

Q. How do I train Inscription?
A. Go to any major city beside Shatrath and ask a guard.

Q. How do I skill up from XXX? There are no trainers in the City!
A. Depending on your level, you can train in major cities. For higher recipes, there are additional trainers in Honor Hold or Thrallmar.
** Edit: Bliz broke trainers in all areas in build 8970. Training above 125 seems to not work.

Q. What is required for Inscription?
A. Herbs. Lots of herbs. All levels, all kinds.

Q. ZOMG, I see you have a skill of 400+, how did that happen?
A. In previous builds, it was possible to craft high end glyphs using very low level herbs. In build 8962, all high end glyphs (above level 350 Inscription) require Northrend herbs.

Q. AWESOMESAUCE! Can I have that glyph?
A. Probably not. Many people are asking for glyphs that are only craftable using Northrend herbs. Any scribe who has a 350+ skill level cannot make high end glyphs.

Q. But I saw Dudeguy over there selling that glyph!
A. They probably made their high end glyphs prior to build 8962 using low level mats. I had a few of those but I gave them away to people without realizing it.

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Chrom said...

as a ret pally what Glyphs should we be using>? Crusader strike, seal of command and, hammer of justice was what i was thinking. any thoughts?