Thursday, August 7, 2008

S4 - Week 7: Ugly. Just ugly

So Kelf Kyllia and I joined up for 3's last night. I had just managed to get my Libram of Divine Judgment and was feeling pretty good. So we cue up with a starting rating of 1611.

First team seems to be having it's way with us, and Kyllia mentions that they all have titles. "Oh?" yep GLADIATOR - GLADIATOR - DUELIST. We loose 18 points WTF!?!

For those of you not familiar with PvP titles , Here's how they break down:
Neutral Gladiator Top 0.5% of arena teams at the end of the previous season.
Neutral Duelist Top 3.0% of arena teams at the end of the previous season.
Neutral Rival Top 10% of arena teams at the end of the previous season.
Neutral Challenger Top 35% of arena teams at the end of the previous season.

Grimly we wait a minute or two and join up again, I have to say I don't remember too many specific teams, but bad luck followed us the whole night. Kelf disconnected twice during arena matches, and against poor teams which cost us -19 points the first DC and -17 points the 2nd DC. I have to say, this isn't Kelf's or anyone's fault (outside of his ISP) but that's 35 lost points where we should have gained around 20 instead.... in other words a 50 point difference.

We faced this team a 3rd time with all three of us and beat them without too much difficulty, so I can safely say that if we could have taken them the first two times.

On top of that we wound up facing another couple teams with at least one Rival or higher in the team and of course our fair share of folks with S3 weapons.

Addmitedly the Rival and S3 weapons is a little QQ, I'm just saying the night was full of unpleasantness. We also had a little trouble picking the correct target in a few matches... But our first match combined with the two disconnects were realy bad for us. End of the night 9-13 with a rating of 1532.... a drop of 79 points

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Darraxus said...

OMG I am with you. I have been complaining about the same things on my blog. Started last night at 1647...ended the nigt at like 1588. We keep running into teams in the 1600s who have season 3 shoulders and weapons. It is kinda getting ridiculous. I imagine by the end of the season I will be around the 1800s at least, but for now all of the Gladiators need to GTFO of my bracket.