Friday, August 15, 2008

1700 !!

Hey folks,

I'd played over 500 matches this season and still struggling for 1650. Despite all the (true in my experience) forums telling me I was a gimped class in 2's I kept at it. But after Kelf left, I got a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth.

So I said screw it, and convinced a Rival frost mage to do 2's with me. Turns out this guy doens't play the mage much any more and didn't have any S4 gear. But I got a hell of a lesson in SKILL > GEAR... 21 games and we go to 1700!

Frankly it was like a hot knife cutting thru butter. 17 games won and 4 games lost. Out losses were as follows:

Mage/Rogue - 1st match of the night. Nothing special here but we just needed to synch up a little. I hand't played with a frost mage since the middle of S3.

Shaman/Shaman - They gave the mage the old LOS treatment and purged all our buffs. It also didn't help that we were slow to figure out which shammy to get on.... as my partner doesn't use Proximo!

Druid/Shaman - The match started fine, but about 30 seconds in, the druid switched to tree from. We had to hop off the shammy and we just couldn't out DPS before we died.

Shaman/Rogue - Rogue got a good start on my mage, somehow we got seperated he was down to 40% life before I even knew what was going on, much less could give him BOP.

There were a couple harry games. Once where I was the the last one standing vs a Rogue. Fortunatly with my new 0/20/41 spec my HOJ was up in time to stun the guy and get the kill, despite the fact I was down to 238 life. A couple of times I died, but the mage showed why he got a Rival title and made quick work of the remaining teamember.

Next up, 1800 once I get the arena points!


Darraxus said...

Well looks like IM ognna have to hit 1700 soon then. How were the games looking. Alot less season 4/full vengeful in the bracket? Maybe it is finally thinning out a bit.

Tom said...

I'm sure my view is a bit colored by pairing with a Rival, but the 1600-1700 bracket seemed extremely similar to the 1500-1600 bracket.

About 25% with at least one member having an S3 weapon, about 50% with S4 helm but S2 weapons.

SEEMS like if you can maintain at 1600 you could maintain at 1700... But I'll find out shortly as I'm going to invite Kyllia on the team today. We'll see if we can maintain.

trellis said...

Holy crap, Tom. Congratulations!!! Looks like you hit the tipping point or something. :) What a way to head into your leave.