Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally a 3's team - but no one to play against.

Hey folks,

So I got what appears to be a solid 3's team going last night. I've played with both people before and we all get along well. The leader of the group is an excellent player; however this is an alt character for him.

I'm thrilled to join what could be a regular 3's team.... The only problem? I think we're going plateau in the 1600s; this is much lower then our team would have peaked in other seasons. What's the problem? No One is Playing 3's.

What do you mean Drunk? Well let's take a look at the armory. We ended the night with a 705 rating. That put our team on page 3 of 11... and 950th place.

Wow 3rd page out of 11, and in the top 1,000 already? Seems kind of high doesn't it. Well it turns out that by the time you get to page 7 all the teams are inactive.

So how many active teams are there in my battlegroup? Well if you count active as more then zero games then roughly 2,200. If you count active teams as more then 10 games we're closer to 1500.

Now I know it's early in the season, but plenty of folks have reached or surpassed the 1500 mark in 2v2.

Teams over 1500 in my battlegroup 2v2 = 1275
Teams over 1500 in my battlegroup 3v3 = 339
Teams over 1500 on my server 3v3 = 13

Now here's where I could start talking about how I'm PRO, my teams LEET and we'll PWN everyone for Gladiator in 3's.... Instead I'll be more realistic and say that if we get past 1500 this week we'll be one of the top 10 threes teams on my server

That my friends is a sad story for arena, and shows that Blizzard needs to encourage more participation in arenas. Do you need more proof? Would you like me to answer what place I would be in with a just over 1500 team in 5v5?

Currently a 1513 rating in 5's will give me:
  • 1st place on my server
  • 22nd in my battlegroup.
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Rorik said...

Awesome post. I noticed something similar when playing 5's over the past few weeks. Our rating is 517 and as of this morning we're 177th place in the battlegroup. Last night we did our 10 games and went 1-9 because all the teams we were matched against had a matchmaking rating of between 1700 and 1950 (we're around 1450 matchmaking rating). At this rate, I doubt we'll break 1000 unless we get lucky and there are more lower level 5's teams playing.

The only team that anyone cares about is 2's and Blizzard says they don't balance around 2's so we get wild shifts in top comps when the make just a few changes. Just look at hunters and holy paladins.