Wednesday, January 21, 2009

S5 - Week 5; the new patch has broken arena ratings

Hey folks,

So this week was another arena improvment for me. My 2's and 3's team went to 1495 and 1510 respecivly and I felt we were making progress. But the major news today is the following blue post

With the release of patch 3.0.8 we have implemented a new matchmaking system for arenas that will improve the overall system and help ensure that players will be matched against others of equal skill. The new matchmaking system uses a rating that you cannot see, and is separate for each of the arena brackets.

The rating changes at the end of each match are affected by this new system, and as it just came out, there may initially be some odd behavior in rating changes, but these will straighten out fairly quickly.

We will monitor this new system and update it as needed to help provide the best experience possible in arena matches.

The forums are lit up like a Christmas tree with people saying their ratings are going all over the place, some are zooming up others zooming down... and I mean WAAY up from 1600 to 2200...or way down from 1500 to 1300 and everything in between.

Also each person a team is affected differently.. in 2's you could go up 20 while your partner goes down's pandemonium.

I only read about it this morning so I don't know how it'll affect me. there's calls for rollbacks, fixes etc. Bliz has not responded so no one knows if this is a bug or an intended consequence. No one knows how the new "hidden" system works so we can't say for sure.

Here's my recommendation to anyone sitting under less then 1600.... Get out there an try. Worst case scenario you flush your rating to the 1300's; in that case you still don't qualify for better gear and you've lost out on maybe 50 arena points for the week.

HOWEVER if your score goes up you'll suddenly qualify for Hateful or even DEADLY gladiator pieces because your rating has shot up. If they roll back the ratings to 1500 you're not going to qualify again so GET THE GAMES IN NOW and take advantage of the mayhem to get better gear then you were able to get a week ago.

Blizzard has annouced that arenas are offline while they look at what's going on. (as of around 1pm pacific time)

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