Saturday, October 11, 2008

Patch coming .....get your PvP spec here!

Hey folks, so patch 3.02 is due out this Tuesday. I've been PvPing like no one's business and I can tell you the best spec for a Ret Pally is 0/8/53. It's enabled me to win over 3 to 1 in 1v1 duels and plenty of skirmishes in arena.

Thanks to the new achievements tab in 3.02 I can tell you that I'm currently at 160 wins and 50 losses for dueling. And now I'll share the spec that let me get there :)

So let's look at the protection tree first.

Divine Strength - 5 points : This increases you STR by 15% and is a must. Stoicism - 3 points : this one reduces stun effects by 30% which is huge considering how many stuns people will put on you. Also decreases the chance your spells get dispelled by 30% which ties in very well to an item in the ret tree.

Now the meat; the Ret tree: I'm not going to go over everything just the must have new stuff that you might be wondering if you should get or not. Something I wouldn't go over is BOM. If you don't know enough to put two points into it (since we're not doing kings) then you need more help then i can cover here :)

Eye for an Eye - This now causes 20% of their damage to go back to your opponent every time they crit. Spell, ranged, melee doesn't matter. Every crit 20% back. And let me tell you crit% is buffed for everyone. Waaay more crits going around. You NEED this.

Sanctified Seals - ONLY PUT 2/3 points here. Combined with stoicism this means you give a person trying to dispel your spells a 96% failure rate. And they will try because 4% means your spells will show up as dispellable. This means the guy will spend his time trying to dispel your stuff instead of hitting you.

Divine Purpose - The big thing here is that you get a 100% chance to remove a stun effect. It's like a free trinket...almost. Doesn't remove some stuff like Freeze trap, etc because that's a spell, not a stun effect according to bliz.. bah. STILL EXCELLENT EXTRA TRINKET AGAINST ROGUES, DRUIDS, ETC

Judgment of the Wise - Absolutely critical if you don't want to run out of mana. And with this talent you almost never run out.

The art of War - Not only do you get a 10% crit increase for two spells that will always be in your rotation, but you get an instant Flash of Light when your divine storm or crusader strike crit. This has saved my bacon on numerous occasions. No more getting out of the fight and stand around for 1.5 seconds hoping you don't get interrupted.... did i mention your FOL will now heal for between 1,200 - 2,400hp?

Sanctified Wrath - J u s t - t a k e - i t

Sheath of Light - this is what is going to enable those huge 2k Flash of Light and 6k holy light heals. You need it, you need it NOW

Righteous Vengeance - I took this over fanaticism because it ups your divine storm crits by 25% as well as judgments. And those two account for the majority of your damage.

Davine Storm - The Creme-de-la-creme.. the new OP spell that will destroy your enemies and heal you at the same time. You're going to love it, you're going to use it, you're going to be the SHIT with this one. Not only will it damage up to 4 targets at once, but 20%% of that damage will be given back to you (or up to 3 raid members) as health.... While it really shines in 5v5 even in 2v2 it's great. It even help dropping down pets, if they're close enough to their master, as pets count as a target if in range.

Good luck, don't forget tonight is the last day of S4 arena.... Get in those games if you're looking for a title.


Suicidal Zebra said...

Yep, good build especially against pesky rogues. One point however: 2-h Weapon Spec only increases weapon swing damage by 2% per point, whereas Sanctified Retribution increases all damage by 2%. If you are planning to run Retribution Aura for the majority of the time swapping one point from 2-h Weapon spec to it may be worth thinking about.

Have fun with Ret :D

Tom said...

That is a very interesting point, I'm going to take a look at that.

Also with the change to the divine storm nerf, I may leave out the 3 points in stoicism... I'm also considering leaving JO the pure at 2/3 ...3/3 always gives us more then enough mana, i might be able to shave that talent point somewhere else.

I should have testing done early in the week on this.

Suicidal Zebra said...

In the latest Beta (and PTR) build Sanctified Retribution is up to 3% for 1pt, bringing it in line with Ferocious Inspiration with which it shares a buff slot.

I'll be very interested to see what you make of Ret over the next few weeks. Everyone and their dog are saying that it's over the top but I have a sneaking feeling that we're not quite as strong as everyone believes.